Water in the news

water in the news Water in the news

Here’s a round up of some of the latest news stories about water and the environment.

Tainted Water at 2 Reactors Increases Alarm for Japanese: “Japan’s troubled effort to contain the nuclear contamination crisis at its stricken Fukushima Daiichi plant suffered a setback on Sunday when alarmingly high radiation levels were discovered in a flooded area inside the complex, raising new questions about how and when recovery workers could resume their tasks.”

PepsiCo develops first PET plastic bottle made completely from plant-based material: PepsiCo recently unveiled a bottle made entirely of plant material left over from its food business, which the company says could change the industry standard for plastic packaging.

Controversial water park in the Middle East:

Rare civic protest in China- Villagers fight against the construction of dams: One of a series of enormous dams being built in southern China will cause 60,000 people to relocate. The residents of a village due to be obliterated due to incoming hydropower plants were forced to relocate at short notice 6 months ago, long before their scheduled departure date. As a result, villagers are now protesting and creating public disorder.


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