Water in the news

water in the news Water in the news

Here are some of the latest news headlines about water and environmental sustainability.

China warns of ‘urgent problems’ facing Three Gorges dam : “Risk of geological disaster, state cabinet admits, as project is linked to soil erosion, quakes, drought and social upheaval.”

This is a little hokey but you have to give the guy credit for coming up with a  creative way to shed light on the fracking phenomenon that is proving detrimental to our water supply.

A link between climate change and Joplin tornadoes? Never!: Prominent environmental activist Bill McKibben sardonically gives his opinion of the connection between recent tornadoes and global climate disruption.


Hauling Icebergs to Slake the Earth’s Thirst: This project doesn’t seem like it’s going to go very far but it would be interesting to see if they could successfully haul an iceberg across the ocean.


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