Water in the news

water in the news Water in the news
Here are some of the latest news stories about water and the environment:

To Sell Green, First Teach Green: The honor of “House of the Year” was given to a green home. “We wanted to prove that sustainable homes aren’t limited to the high end,” said Andrew J. Gil, the builder. “For entry-level housing, it is more than doable.”

Airdrop Design Pulls Water From Air to Irrigate Deserts: Australian innovator Edward Linacre, inspired by a desert-dwelling beetle’s self-hydration method, created a device that uses moisture in the air to irrigate plants in dry areas.

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Selling Water, Health Care In The Developing World: A new public health plan from Healthpoint “combines videoconferencing with cheap diagnostic tests and inexpensive water filtration all in one building. The company believes that in this way it can deliver affordable health care and clean water to the world’s low-income people — and make money doing it.”

Google Earth Shows How Dams Could Worsen Climate Change: A new interactive Google Earth video tour aims to teach people how damming rivers around the world can exacerbate climate change.

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