World Water Week: Secretions and Solutions

This year’s World Water Week, which ended Friday, was an eventful one where topics ranging from poop to Antarctica to partnership-building were all covered. World Water Week is a yearly conference in Stockholm which convenes thousands of experts, policy makers and water activists to discuss how we are doing and how to move forward in the world water crisis. Here’s a round up of news coverage on the event.

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Open Defecation Must No Longer Be Taboo Topic: When 40% of people don’t have a safe and healthy way to poop, their feces can contaminate water and further spread diseases that are already rampant and deadly, especially among children. So it’s a good thing this topic is getting major attention from policy makers during World Water Week. Here’s what the deputy UN secretary-general had to say on Monday: “We must break taboos. As was the case for the word ‘toilets’ a few years ago, it is time to incorporate ‘open defecation’ in the political language and in the diplomatic discourse.”

Chilean students win 2013 International Stockholm Junior Water Prize: Two students from Chile received the prize for their work on how living organisms can help clean oil spills in extremely low temperatures. The team travelled to Antarctica and managed to identify bacterial strains with the potential to clean up oil spills, by metabolizing it, in extremely low temperatures.

Competitors Must Collaborate on Water Risk Management: “More than 24 sessions dedicated to business show that the week’s theme of collaboration and partnerships can apply to profit-driven enterprises…In water, shared risk is shared responsibility. But doesn’t competition stifle collaboration on that responsibility? Coca-Cola, SABMiller, H&M and Borealis all say just the opposite.”

Could water markets encourage collaboration and reduce conflict?: The Guardian chimes in about water cooperation: “Markets are far from a solution to all problems, nor are they appropriate for all situations. However, they demonstrate the level of institutional innovation required to shift the world to a more sustainable path for water.”

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  1. September 12th, 2013 | Simona says:

    I had a professor that liked to use the term “promiscuous defecation.” Certainly a memorable way to raise awareness!

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